gServerPath       gTimeout   
gBrowser       gMobileDevice   
gUID       gStartDate   
gRemoteUser       gRemoteName   
gRemoteUserEmployeeCode       gRemoteUserEmployeeName   
employeeCode       employeeName   
displayEmployee       administrator
gStartDayOfWeek       gExpenseOption   
gMinimumBillingTime       gBillingTimeIncrement   

Sage 100 Timekeeper Enhancement
Give your employees a faster, more efficient way to enter their time, and get better management tools in return!

Timekeeper Worksheet users get a weekly view of their time, always showing them totals by day and for the week!

Department Managers get a weekly view of departmental employees time, and totaling their activity for the week. Corporate Administrators see all employees and get totals for the company.

Timekeeper Worksheet installs as a menu selection in your Sage 100 Timekeeper module by SWK Technologies.

Timekeeper Worksheet Online
A lightweight version of Sage Data Exchange powers the online version of the Timekeeper Worksheet Application.

Most features in the application have been replicated in the online version.

Time and expense data is requested from your Sage 100 Timekeeper and then written back when complete. No Timekeeper data is stored on the server!

Timekeeper Worksheet Online is an SaaS solution, always running* and always current. Employee will have access to Timekeeper anywhere on the internet.